Biostatistics Core


Our team at The Union Conference on Lung Health 2023 in Paris
Our team at The Union Conference on Lung Health 2023 in Paris

The Center for Tuberculosis Biostatistics Core provides biostatistical support for design and analysis of TB research. The Core has expertise in a variety of clinical study designs and statistical analysis methodology and is led by Dr. Patrick Phillips who has directed statistical aspects of many large-scale TB research projects for more than 15 years.

The Core is open for collaboration and consultation on existing and future research projects related to TB. We welcome consultations from all researchers including faculty, post-doctoral scholars, fellows, and other early-stage investigators. Please complete the form for an initial consultation through the CTSI portal.

The Core has an established group of masters-level and post-doctoral statisticians and can provide %FTE for statistical support for projects with funding or seeking future funding.

Our Core is always looking for new members and has opportunities for post-doctoral scholars – please contact the Biostatistics Core for more information.

Potential Areas of Work

  • Sample size calculations
  • Drafting statistical sections for grant applications and research protocols
  • Developing data capture forms (case report forms) and database specifications (REDCap)
  • Drafting statistical analysis plans (SAPs)
  • Collaborative data analysis projects in R and Stata
  • Input in clinical study design
  • Data analysis using frequentist and Bayesian statistical methodologies, including regression and non-parametric methods

Team Members

Photo of Patrick Phillips

Patrick Phillips, PhD

Associate Professor, Departments of Medicine and Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Photo of Suzanne Dufault

Suzanne Dufault, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Photo of Pearl Sun

Pearl Sun, MS, RN

Biostatistician/Data Analyst

Photo of Brian Aldana

Brian Aldana, MPH

Biostatistician/Data Analyst

Photo of Vera Hsu

Vera Hsu, MS

Biostatistician/Data Analyst