Babak Javid, MB, PhD

Co-Director, UCSF Center for Tuberculosis
Co-Director, UC TRAC Basic Science Core

Dr. Javid is a physician-scientist, Wellcome Trust Investigator and Associate Professor in the Division of Experimental Medicine at UCSF.  His research focuses on fundamental mycobacterial pathophysiology, regulation of adaptive protein synthesis, molecular mechanisms of antibiotic tolerance and human humoral immunity to tuberculosis.  He went to medical school at the University of Cambridge, and after residency in general (internal) medicine returned to Cambridge to study for a PhD in immunobiology as an MRC training fellow. Following fellowship in infectious diseases, Dr. Javid went to Boston as an MRC Clinician Scientist Fellow to work on mycobacterial genetics with Eric Rubin at Harvard.  He started his independent research career in 2011 at Tsinghua University in Beijing and joined the faculty at UCSF in July 2020.

Javid Lab:

UCSF Center for Tuberculosis Leadership & Initiatives:
UCSF Center for Tuberculosis Associate Director
UC TRAC Basic Science Core Co-Director
Bay Area TB Science (BATS) Symposium Chair
TB RAMP Mentor / Executive Committee Member



A teenage girl with altered mental status and paraparesis.

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