Rada Savic, PhD

Co-Director, UCSF Center for Tuberculosis
+1 415 502-0640

With an emphasis on TB therapeutics, my research uses computational methods to study the dynamic interplay between disease progression, drug and biomarker response across relevant scales (molecule, cell, tissue, organ & whole body) in order to determine causal links underlying variability in (safety and efficacy) clinical outcomes. By integrating multi-scale, and multi-level clinical data, we aim to determine the right dose, right schedule and right treatment duration of various therapies, potentially bringing novel, precise and personalized treatment options to patients with unmet need more quickly.

UCSF Center for Tuberculosis Leadership & Initiatives:
UCSF Center for Tuberculosis Associate Director
SMART4TB UCSF Lead, Therapeutics 


Pharmacokinetics and Optimal Dosing of Levofloxacin in Children for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: An Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis.

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Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy

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Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics

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