Suzanne Dufault, PhD

Assistant Professor
Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Impact of randomised wmel Wolbachia deployments on notified dengue cases and insecticide fogging for dengue control in Yogyakarta City.

Global health action

Indriani C, Tanamas SK, Khasanah U, Ansari MR, Tantowijoyo W, Ahmad RA, Dufault SM, Jewell NP, Utarini A, Simmons CP, Anders KL

Reduced dengue incidence following city-wide wMel Wolbachia mosquito releases throughout three Colombian cities: Interrupted time series analysis and a prospective case-control study.

PLoS neglected tropical diseases

Velez ID, Tanamas SK, Arbelaez MP, Kutcher SC, Duque SL, Uribe A, Zuluaga L, Martínez L, Patiño AC, Barajas J, Muñoz E, Mejia Torres MC, Uribe S, Porras S, Almanza R, Pulido H, O'Neill SL, Santacruz-Sanmartin E, Gonzalez S, Ryan PA, Denton JA, Jewell NP, Dufault SM, Simmons CP, Anders KL

Disruption of spatiotemporal clustering in dengue cases by wMel Wolbachia in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Scientific reports

Dufault SM, Tanamas SK, Indriani C, Utarini A, Ahmad RA, Jewell NP, Simmons CP, Anders KL

Superwoman Schema and John Henryism among African American women: An intersectional perspective on coping with racism.

Social science & medicine (1982)

Perez AD, Dufault SM, Spears EC, Chae DH, Woods-Giscombe CL, Allen AM

The Impact of Job Loss on Self-injury Mortality in a Cohort of Autoworkers: Application of a Novel Causal Approach.

Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.)

Dufault SM, Chen KT, Picciotto S, Neophytou AM, Eisen EA

Corrigendum: Analysis of cluster-randomized test-negative designs: cluster-level methods.

Biostatistics (Oxford, England)

Jewell NP, Dufault S, Cutcher Z, Simmons CP, Anders KL

Effectiveness of Wolbachia-infected mosquito deployments in reducing the incidence of dengue and other Aedes-borne diseases in Niterói, Brazil: A quasi-experimental study.

PLoS neglected tropical diseases

Pinto SB, Riback TIS, Sylvestre G, Costa G, Peixoto J, Dias FBS, Tanamas SK, Simmons CP, Dufault SM, Ryan PA, O'Neill SL, Muzzi FC, Kutcher S, Montgomery J, Green BR, Smithyman R, Eppinghaus A, Saraceni V, Durovni B, Anders KL, Moreira LA

Efficacy of Wolbachia-Infected Mosquito Deployments for the Control of Dengue.

The New England journal of medicine

Utarini A, Indriani C, Ahmad RA, Tantowijoyo W, Arguni E, Ansari MR, Supriyati E, Wardana DS, Meitika Y, Ernesia I, Nurhayati I, Prabowo E, Andari B, Green BR, Hodgson L, Cutcher Z, Rancès E, Ryan PA, O'Neill SL, Dufault SM, Tanamas SK, Jewell NP, Anders KL, Simmons CP, AWED Study Group

Suicide, overdose and worker exit in a cohort of Michigan autoworkers.

Journal of epidemiology and community health

Eisen EA, Chen KT, Elser H, Picciotto S, Riddell CA, Combs MA, Dufault SM, Goldman-Mellor S, Cohen J

Update to the AWED (Applying Wolbachia to Eliminate Dengue) trial study protocol: a cluster randomised controlled trial in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Anders KL, Indriani C, Ahmad RA, Tantowijoyo W, Arguni E, Andari B, Jewell NP, Dufault SM, Ryan PA, Tanamas SK, Rancès E, O'Neill SL, Simmons CP, Utarini A

Reduced dengue incidence following deployments of Wolbachia-infected Aedes aegypti in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: a quasi-experimental trial using controlled interrupted time series analysis.

Gates open research

Indriani C, Tantowijoyo W, Rancès E, Andari B, Prabowo E, Yusdi D, Ansari MR, Wardana DS, Supriyati E, Nurhayati I, Ernesia I, Setyawan S, Fitriana I, Arguni E, Amelia Y, Ahmad RA, Jewell NP, Dufault SM, Ryan PA, Green BR, McAdam TF, O'Neill SL, Tanamas SK, Simmons CP, Anders KL, Utarini A

What is the relative impact of primary health care quality and conditional cash transfer program in child mortality?

Canadian journal of public health = Revue canadienne de sante publique

Vieira-Meyer APGF, de Araújo Dias MS, Vasconcelos MIO, Rouberte ESC, de Almeida AMB, de Albuquerque Pinheiro TX, de Lima Saintrain MV, Machado MFAS, Dufault S, Reynolds SA, Fernald L

Analysis of cluster-randomized test-negative designs: cluster-level methods.

Biostatistics (Oxford, England)

Jewell NP, Dufault S, Cutcher Z, Simmons CP, Anders KL