TB RAMP Spring 2022 Scholars

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Suzanne DufaultSuzanne Dufault

I am a biostatistics postdoctoral scholar at UCSF working with Dr. Patrick Phillips on methodological and applied research in the design, conduct, and analysis of randomized clinical trials in TB. Primarily, I aim to develop and expand therapeutic trial designs, with a particular emphasis on the duration-response model as a promising new alternative. The evolution of clinical trial design to maintain its expected rigor and robustness to bias, while removing many of the limitations common in gold standard approaches (e.g., arbitrary non-inferiority margins and large sample sizes) is essential to moving evidence-based public health efforts forward.


Ann SchraufnagelAnn Schraufnagel 

I am a fellow in the UCSF Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine working under the mentorship of Dr. Priya Shete and Dr. Adithya Cattamanchi. My research interests include social protection, defined as policies and programs designed to reduce poverty and exclusion, and tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis and outcomes.