In Honor of John Murray

Photo of Dr. John Murray

A special symposium was held on March 30, 2023, to honor Dr. John Murray, who died of COVID-induced ARDS at the start of the pandemic, and to honor his legacy by looking to the future – as he would have done. 

The program covered some of the areas in which John made significant contributions, but with a perspective influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this symposium, we aimed to move from recognizing Dr. Murray’s accomplishments to considering the future direction of our field. The program guide with biosketches of the speakers can be viewed here. A special booklet published for the symposium can be accessed here. The booklet contains A Tribute to John Murray by Philip Hopewell and Courtney Broaddus, The Murray Standard: On Mentors and Mentoring by Phil Gold, and many photographs; on the last page, there is a description of the John F. Murray Distinguished Professorship. 

The symposium was recorded and can be viewed below.  The program is reproduced on an introductory slide, and each talk and the final panel discussion can be found by scrolling along the time bar.


Shared memories

A Tribute to John Murray by Philip Hopewell and Courtney Broaddus | "The Murray Standard: On Mentors and Mentoring by Phil Gold"  | "John Murray Speaks: Excerpts from Dr. Murray's Writings Relevant to the Symposium"

In 2015, Dr. Murray was featured in an article in Chest as one of the Giants in Chest Medicine, written by Dr. Philip Hopewell.  This 40-minute interview accompanied the article and covers Dr. Murray's life, career, thoughts about how pulmonary medicine has changed, and his thanks to his wife, Diane Johnson.  One fascinating story is how he became a pulmonologist (when he intended to go into cardiology).  Reproduced from Chest 2015; 148(5):1123-1125 John F. Murray Philip C. Hopewell entitled Giants in Chest Medicine: John F. Murray, MD with permission from Elsevier.

In this 50 minute talk given as a Grand Rounds at SFGH, Dr. John Murray relates the history of the famous San Francisco General Hospital and of his career spent there.

This video shows Dr. Murray in action at the bedside, with cameo appearances by Dr. Talmadge King and Courtney Broaddus. Dr. Murray outlines his thinking about the value of the Distinguished Professorship created in his name.  


(Left to right) Brian Graham, Phil Hopewell, Courtney Broaddus, and John Murray: the four Chiefs of the SFGH Pulmonary Division
John Murray and Courtney Broaddus
John Murray and Courtney Broaddus


Jim Beck and John Murray
John Murray and the Huang Lab:  Kristina Crothers, Alison Morris, and Laurence Huang


John Murray with Kurt Albertine
John Murray speaking at the ATS MTPI Assembly May 2012


John Murray at the Investiture of the Murray Distinguished Professorship 2012


John Murray and the inaugural Murray Distinguished Professor Courtney Broaddus 2012


John Murray and Lynn Schnapp


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For support of this symposium, we would like to acknowledge:
UCSF Center for Tuberculosis, with special help from Barbara Alonso
UCSF Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy and Sleep Medicine
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